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Chalou, la Vache Coup de Coeur du Québec!

Cow families

Grand-Daughter of Lisamaree EX-91 20*

Fleury Gen Cashmoney Lonestar VG-88

Dam : Fleury Gen Snowman Lianne TB-89
2nd Dam : Calbrett Shottle Lisamaree EX-91 20*
3rd Dam : Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94 22*
Owned with Belfast Holstein
Grand Champion Expo Lotbinière 2017

Daughter of R-Z Baxter Caramel VG-89 2Yr 29*

Gillette Iota Carmela VG-88

Dam : R-Z Baxter Caramel TB-89 2 ans 29*
2nd Dam : Ralma Goldwyn Carmel EX-92 2E 4*
Owned with Ferme Garau

Grand Daughter of Chalou EX-96 2E 11*

Boulet Gold Chip Colly VG-87

Dam : Boulet Windbrook Cloty VG 2Yr
2nd Dam : Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX-96 2E 12*
Now owned by Ferme Jacobs and A. & R. Boulet

Grand Daughter of James Rose EX-97 2E 4*

Pierstein Dempsey Rubiette VG-89

Dam : Pierstein Talent Ruby TB-88 2*
2nd Dam : Thrulane James Rose EX-97 2E 5*
2nd & Honourable Mention Expo BBQ 2016
1st Senior 2 Expo BBQ 2015
Owned with Ferme A&R Boulet & Pierre Boulet

Grand Champion Bred & Owned WDE 2012

Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX-96 2E 11*

Dam : Boulet Lheros Chaly TB-89 22*
2nd Dam : Boulet Leader Chalet EX 2E 4*
1 Superior Lactation
H.M. All-Canadian Mature Cow 2012-2014
Champion Bred & Owned & HM Grand Champion WDE 2012
Owned with Ferme Vilmer

Daughter of Apple 3 EX-94

Westcoast Colt Addicted Red P BP-84

Owned with Ferme Richal

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